Command line


Rename_Expert_CMD /"Folder or file to read #1|#2|#3|..." [options]
Rename_Expert_CMD /folderselectionlist "Path of a FSL file" [options]
Rename_Expert_CMD /textfile "Path of a TXT file" [options]


Rename_Expert_CMD /"D:\Pictures 2010|D:\Pictures unsorted" /profilefilename "D:\My Profiles\Pictures.RxProfile"

Adding options: Default = Add files and folders incl. subfolders

Parameter Description
/addfilesonly Add files only
/addfoldersonly Add folders only
/excludesubfolders Exclude subfolders

Profile options: Default = Use profile settings

Parameter Description
/profilefilename File name of the profile to use
/profile "Profile category|Profile name"
e.g., "Photos|Add numbering"
/dontuseprofilesettings Don't use profile settings (filter, sorting)

Error handling options: Default = Ask user

Parameter Description
/onerrorskip Skip all errors
/onerrorabort Abort on error
/help or /? Show help

DOS Error Level

Error Code Meaning
0 Success
10 Invalid parameter
11 Invalid profile
12 One or more conflicts
13 One or more file operations failed
100 Unknown error