Shorten long file names

Step-by-step guide for shortening overly-long file names

Select the desired files

First, add the files to the list, whose file name you want to shorten. For that, add the parent folder(s) of the problem-causing files via drag & drop onto the program interface. As type to read in set Files and Include Subfolders.

Add action Remove

Click on the button featuring the plus (+) symbol to add the action Remove to the action list.

Action Remove

Set the maximum number of characters

The next step is to set the maximum number of characters allowed in file names. The settings shown in the figure would shorten all file names to 32 characters. File names which are already shorter than this length will remain unchanged.

Max. allowed characters

Alternatively - specify the maximum number of allowed words

To do this, select the Rename Function "Remove --> an area --> defined by character type" and make the settings shown in the illustration. Thereby, in this case, the file names will be limited to a maximum length of three words or groups of digits.

Remove all characters behind X words

Optional - apply filters

Rename Expert allows to filter files for selectively editing only those files that contain too many characters in the file name. Set, as shown in the figure, the number of maximum allowable characters in the path or file name, and the program displays only the files matching the filter criteria in the list.

Find overly-long file names

Check the new names before the renaming

In the preview list, a preview of the new name of the file is displayed in real time. Potential conflicts such as duplicate file names, caused by the shortening, will be highlighted in red color and can be solved for example by the additional insertion of a conditional numbering at the end of the filename. Using the conditional numbering, a number is automatically inserted at the desired position (e.g., at the end of the file name), if the new file name is already taken by another new file name or a file with that name already exists.

Preview the shortened file names

Apply actions

If there are no conflicts, the Tasks dialog can now be opened by clicking on the Apply button. All files to be renamed are listed there and the renaming process can be started by a click on the Start button.